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Aspire Facial Aesthetics

Aspire Facial Aesthetics


Laser Center Medical Spa



1- Our perspectives and our combined experiences! 

2- Our Passion! We are passionate about treating our patients the right way and putting out a quality of work that addresses the root causes of aging rather than just side effects of aging!!  As a trainer to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and med spa injectors I saw practices and standards I didn’t agree with and wanted to make a difference. Nikki and I decided to put our energy where our hearts were! Outcomes, Safety and Value!!

3-We spend time with our patients! We know it requires 30-60 min to truly educate them on their aging face. They NEED to understand certain things to make the best decision for them. We need to learn about their goals and desires and what our patients are truly trying to accomplish BEFORE we start prescribing what the rejuvenation process looks like for them.

4-We care! We’re always available post our procedures to chat with! 

5-We do not advertise! Delivering great results and treating our patients appropriately allows us to spend time with them; NOT on advertising! 

6-We turn away more cases than we take on! If we can’t help you, we will tell you! We will not just try and sell you something!


Nicole Wealand
Practice Manager

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